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Hair Extensions

add length, volume, color, and dimension

Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions by easihair pro are made with 100% Cuticle Intact Remy Human Hair. These reusable hair extensions can be used to add length, volume, chemical-free color, or to correct or enhance a haircut.

They come in a wide variety of salon inspired shades, and panels can be combined to create a custom color blend. The unique panel construction is cross-stitched to prevent hair shedding, and it is weighted to hair replacement standards so application is gentle enough for even fine/thin hair.

Tape in extensions by ehp are fast and easy to apply, remove, and re-apply. A full length transformation can be achieved in under 60 minutes.

Hand tied Weft Hair Extensions

Each strand of ehp hand tied hair extensions is hand knotted to create an 11” wide weft for the ideal combination of density and flexibility. The weft is thin by design allowing you to combine multiple weft colors and lengths in one, or multiple rows, to create the perfect custom look. At each end of the ehp Hand Tied weft is the weft Tether.

The Tethers (visible 3” at the ends of each hand tied hair extensions weft) is a combination of multiple nylon threads used as a base in which the hair is “hand tied” thus giving it the name Hand Tied Weft.

  • Will my extensions need to be cut?

    In order to ensure your extensions are looking their best, we require all extensions to be custom trimmed by a stylist. The cost of this haircut is based on your chosen service provider’s hourly rate, and will depend upon how much time is determined necessary by them. On average, this appointment takes about 30 minutes. Our staff will help you book this when scheduling the extension application appointment. The cost of the haircut will be quoted into the cost of the hair extension service.

  • How long will my extensions last?

    Extension longevity can vary by person. Extension reapplication is recommended every 6-10 weeks for EasiHair Extensions. Your extensions will last the longest if all maintenance steps are followed.

  • When can I shampoo my hair? Can I use my normal shampoo and conditioner?

    No shampoo for 24 hours after extension application! After the 24 hours, wash your hair with your head back and handle bonds with care. Shampoo and condition hair daily with non-sulfate shampoo and conditioner recommended by your Style Lounge stylist.

  • How do payments work?

    When booking the hair extension application appointment, you’ll be required to reserve your appointment slot with a 50% deposit. If you need to move the time of your extensions appointment, call the salon 72 hours prior to your scheduled service and your deposit will remain intact. Any time changes within 72 hours of your appointment will cause you to forgo your deposit. If and when you choose to reschedule the service, you will be responsible for placing another deposit.

  • Will extensions damage my natural hair?

    With proper care and professional removal, there will be no damage to your natural hair. Please note that you must have these hair extensions removed by a trained professional. Any attempt to remove them by anyone other than a trained professional could result in damage, breakage and/or tearing of the hair. Some extension loss is normal and to be expected. Average client hair loss is 50-150 hairs per day. A full head application covers approximately one-third of the head. You can expect to see a small quantity of naturally released hairs trapped in the bonds after some time. This is normal and should not be interpreted as hairs pulled out of the scalp by the extensions themselves.

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